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NY Based VoiceOver Artist Elaine judge



Elaine grew up in Westchester County, New York  and attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, where she majored in English with a concentration in Theater and Dance studies. In college, she became fascinated with the relationship between the written and spoken word and decided to dedicate her career path to bringing language to life through live performance. Her early mentors were Ada Brown Mather in Shakespearean acting, Bobby Troka and Cecil Mackinnon in Linklater Vocal Technique, and Professor Dianne Hunter, whose psychoanalytic approach to literary interpretation informed Elaine's ability to find inner motivation for the characters she creates. Additionally, as a pianist, Elaine enjoys reading scripts by exploring the natural phrasing, rhythm and dynamics in the text as though she were playing a piece of music. Her cumulative and extensive experience in theater, film, television, and voiceover narration spans decades. She currently lives in Palisades, New York with her husband Tim, where together they raised two amazing young adults, Jack and Sydney.

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